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I chose to be a teacher


I chose to be a teacher, and this is the best but also the hardest choice I ever made.

Why? Teaching is not a profession where you go to work in the morning, go home in the afternoon, and continue your day as if nothing happened – where you can simply disengage. No teacher ever disengages. It's not about time or place or the type of neighborhood and the right season. It is also not related to the school where you were accepted to teach or the students, the parents, the faculty, the principal and the rest of the people around you.

Teaching is not a profession of choice, but a way of life, and the one who enters it realizes this immediately. Teaching is to touch infinity in life – that's it.There's nothing greater than this. It requires you to give your all at every given moment, even when you're tired, hungry or thirsty. It's to set goals for yourself and your students, one after the other at each lesson, and not burden yourself with negative images of yourself or of the environment.You cannot also form in your mind an image of who you are as a teacher in the classroom, and attempt to create a link and direction between who you were yesterday, who you are today, and possibly shape a future image of yourself.

You are standing among piles of pages and notebooks, tests and assignments, in a classroom packed with students that have come together by rare coincidence, of unimaginable differences, all engaged in their own self-image, and the recent posts they missed because of you in one of the dozens of WhatsApp groups to which they are attached as with an IV inserted in a person about to leave the world any moment.

Meantime, you're there by yourself orchestrating the whole class during an entire year without being able to give up / get tired / disengage / take a break and, in short, not be there, without being able to say suddenly "let's split out of here, I'm not playing this game anymore," and escape. Although you really want to do this occasionally, given that you're a teacher and, once having chosen the hardest profession in the world, you no longer have the privilege.

Yet, I chose to be a teacher, from all professions in the world; and I chose this with all my heart. This choice is very significant since it arises from within, and when it arises, it somewhat eases yet demands a lot.

Why? It's because I don't have to relate to meanings and accounts, morals, and the approval or denial of my own self. I just have to be happy, because at this particular moment, I made the right choice, did something good or avoided evil. Just be happy in the moment, since it is all there is, it is the most precious, as if there is no after nor before – it does not belong to time.

Although this picture is not noticeable, not experienced, it is nonetheless true .It is the only truth, whether felt or not. This spirit of folly does not enter suddenly from nowhere, it exists in us. Every morning, I choose to be here at school again, in the classroom with the students, and impart knowledge and a bit about life, knowing very clearly they need us the teachers to progress and succeed in whatever they choose, and will remember the words we chose to give them, for many years ahead.

I have no doubt that we also will remember them young and as adults, confident and hesitant, having made their own way, and having taken something from us, the teachers, into their private lives. We also took something from them for ourselves for the coming years while teaching at school, and into my life in general.

I was privileged to teach.

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