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דיקלה - מורה להוראה מתקנת

My Dear Student – A teacher's letter to her student

I see you in class, even when you're sitting in the back hiding with your cellphone, sending another desperate message to your unforgettable love. I also see you during breaks when you choose your friends with tweezers and don't let them hurt you. I see your friends around you, and the girls waiting for a drop of attention from you, if even for a moment.

I also hear you talk. I hear your language, your changing tone of voice and the words you chose to use. I hear the sound of your loud laughter in the schoolyard when you're in a good mood, and the happiness you share with others around you. I hear your disappointments, and the terrible curses you utter when you fail an important test.

I especially feel your tortured soul in the classroom and in the school that constricts you and forces you to be part of demanding social dictates that at your young and wild age are of no interest. I feel your efforts to succeed, or at least to survive in such a competitive world, where studies are not your heart's desire, but rather the result of your parents' mandate.

I know that if they were asking you, you would you choose otherwise. I know that your heart's wish is to be somewhere else, far from the classroom. I know it's good to dream about during class. I know you want to be there on the horizon, there with her forever, without the need to account for yourself, without having to hear me in class every day commenting and instructing you on how to conduct your studies, without having to hear your parents pushing you to succeed, standing like police at the threshold of your room, without having to see your successful friends wave the flag of excellence, as a sign of victory in war.

I understand you, and know exactly what you're going through, but I want to tell you only one thing "There is no shortcut to the place you really want to reach."

This is the way life is and until the face of society changes, you will need to travel the same road as everyone else, to play according to the rules of the game and also win. You must travel it with difficulty and pain, fall, learn from your mistakes and move on. You must decide from those around you, who is an enemy, and who is a friend and who is a companion who will join you on the way. You must climb each rung of the ladder until you achieve the goal you set yourself as an achievable goal. You must fall in love to understand that love is an emotion that can pull you down or lift you up. Don't worry; there are many other girls like her, even when you think no one can be like her …

I suggest you make an effort to learn since knowledge gives you the power to reach your goals, and even to fail on the way, until you succeed. I'm sure you can reach the sky and pick any star. I believe in you and I am asking you to believe in yourself also.

Wishing you all success,

Your teacher,


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